Continuing Education Courses

Holly Tanner teaches nationally for the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, and is able to share her passion for patient care with clinicians who are advancing their knowledge in pelvic rehabilitation. For a list of courses that Holly teaches through Herman & Wallace, click on the blue button below.

photo by Zachary SO Lough with permission of Herman & Wallace, Inc.

photo by Zachary SO Lough with permission of Herman & Wallace, Inc.

Holly has also filmed online courses with Medbridge, a continuing education company that offers the best in online education. "Introduction to Care of the Pregnant Patient" and "Introduction to Male and Female Pelvic Pain" are available on the Medbridge site. You can view a promotional video from Medbridge below, or click the green button to go to the Medbridge courses that Holly teaches.


New Practice Development

If you are interested in starting your own practice, developing new programs, or in receiving feedback about your practice goals, Holly can offer experience in multi-clinic program development, and in private practice development in both physical and massage therapy. She has experience in cash-based and in insurance-based clinical practices. Contact Holly for more information about recommended consult level and fees, or to see if you might benefit from a clinical practice consult.

Educational Project Development

Have you ever wanted to write a lecture, community presentation, continuing education course or professional presentation, yet were not sure where to start? Holly is available as a consultant for each of these projects, from initial outline and goal setting, to mentoring, editing, and completion. With her extensive experience in writing graduate level college coursework, community lectures, and nationally attended continuing education training, Holly can quickly help you reach your goals.

When I was approached to speak at CSM [Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association] I had no idea where to start. Holly helped me shape both my lecture and develop my course, “Yoga for Pelvic Pain”. She was a great sounding board. We discussed concepts and she helped me organize my ideas, breaking them down into chapters to work on. I wholeheartedly recommend consulting with Holly to take your presentation or course to the next level. -Dustienne Miller, PT, MS, CYT, WCS, Owner, Your Pace Yoga and Flourish Physical Therapy