Yoga at Flow
with Kate Bailey

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Join Kate Bailey, physical therapist and yoga instructor in one of her new, semi-private classes in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Kate has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and has 15 years of experience teaching movement therapies such as Pilates and yoga. Classes include restorative, meditation, pranayama, and active flow. For the months of June, July and August, all classes will be free of charge! To book a class, you can use the online scheduler below, call (206) 858-2914 or email the front office ( .

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Active Flow

Active Flow aligns breath with movement in a Vinyasa style class. This practice will focus on alignment and encourage students to meet their bodies with compassion and curiosity. All levels are welcome. 

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Healthy Bellies

Healthy Bellies is a class designed to promote healthy bowel habits for kids 10 and older. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to take the class with their child and experience the gastrointestinal benefits a yoga class can provide. Education on basic nutrition concepts, self-care, and how to create more harmony around toileting will be instructed.

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Pranayama,  the 4th limb of the 8-limbed yoga practice, is a series of breathing techniques with various aims and benefits to each of the distinct breath patterns. Pranayama is a practice of manipulating our natural breath to guide our identification of restrictions or obstacles in our emotional or physical bodies. Breath is our first sign of stress, and it is also through breath that we can positively affect our nervous system.



This class is perfect for practicing relaxation and embodied restoration. With letting go as the goal, you will learn to tune into your body while props are used to fully support the body. The class will finish with a brief journaling session to capture the experience and reflect on what each individual needs. In a time when most of us strive to do more, learning to pause and rest can balance stressful times.

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Seated Meditation

Meditation is a practice of honing awareness. We will use yoga to attend to the present, see habitual patterns of the mind and practice staying in the moment. Meditation and mindfulness have been linked to a multitude of benefits including learning about personal habits and inner dialogue, revealing reactivity to stressors, and evolving to inform how to experience and cultivate a sense of calm and stability in daily life.

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